Fostering: fact or fiction?

A lot of assumptions are made about what sort of people make great foster carers – not all of them hold water.

Here are just a few…

  1. Carers need to have a partner:
  2. Gender and sexual orientation matter:
  3. Carers need to be comfortably off:
  4. You must own your own home:
  5. Carers can’t be disabled:
  6. Carers can’t work as well as foster:
  1. Foster carers need to have had children of their own or need to have older/ independent children:
  2. To be a carer for Reading you must live in Reading:
    Fiction – You can live within 20 miles of the Reading boundary.
  3. You can’t have pets if you want to foster:
    Fiction – Having pets can be an asset. However, any pets will need to assessed as part of the fostering process.
  4. There are age barriers to fostering:
    Fact – you need to be 21+.

Foster carers are like the children they foster – from all walks of life. So if you think you could foster, get in contact.  It may just be the best thing you will ever do.

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