In Reading, we need people who could look after children and young people of all ages, especially children with additional needs.

In Reading, we have children of all ages with more complex emotional or behavioural needs. This means they need someone who has more skills or experience in some areas, or someone who is trained to deliver therapeutic foster care.

At Brighter Futures for Children, we have a trauma-informed approach to working with children, young people and families. Many children displaying higher needs have come from a family home where they have experienced some kind of trauma. As one of our foster carers explained:

“You never blame the child for their behaviour, you have to understand they are communicating about something that has happened to them.”

Foster carers who look after children with additional needs get extra support. Other foster carers will also step in sometimes to look after the child for a weekend or so to offer them a respite break. We also have a trauma-informed practitioner on hand to equip you with tools to manage challenging behaviours.

Having a safe and secure foster home alongside foster carers with patience, resilience and determination can have a huge impact on a helping a child make sense of their history.

“You can make a world of difference even in a short space of time.”

If you think you have the skills and energy to foster a child with additional needs, we would love to hear from you. Give our recruitment officer a call on 0118 469 3020 or enquire here and we’ll be in touch.

Young boy looking at sensory room bubble tube in low pink lighting