What is supported lodgings?

Supported Lodgings carers are needed to provide a home environment for a young person from the age of 16 and into adulthood.

The young people who need Supported Lodgings placements could be care leavers, unaccompanied asylum seekers or any young person unable to live with their own family. They may be unable to live at home with their own families due to a number of reasons, including family breakdown, bereavement, they may be at risk of harm or they may be unaccompanied young people seeking asylum in the UK.

These young people need a secure, supportive and safe environment where they will receive advice and guidance in order for them to eventually live independently and make positive life choices.

Supported Lodgings carers need to have a spare bedroom and have some experience of working with or looking after young people. They are required to undergo an assessment process and have relevant checks undertaken.

Teenage boy laughing with friends

Supported lodgings: a case study

Ahmed’s mum died when he was young and he has been brought up by his dad. Sadly, his dad died after a long period of illness last year. Ahmed moved into a supported lodgings placement and his foster carer has given him his own key.

Ahmed will work with his social worker towards living independently. He would like to go to university to study Maths. His social worker and supported lodgings carer will help give him the life skills he needs around managing his finances and accommodation.

Could you be a supported lodgings foster carer?

At Brighter Futures for Children, we need people who could become a foster carer who could provide supported lodgings for a young person. You would need a spare bedroom and be able to support a teenager towards living independently. If this is something that you would like to consider or you would like to learn more, please do give us a call and chat to our fostering team about the options. We’re available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm on 0300 131 2797. Or fill in our enquiry form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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