Who are we?

Brighter Futures for Children IFA: In January 2019, Brighter Futures for Children Independent Fostering Agency (IFA) registered as a company and we were officially established as an IFA in March 2019.

Brighter Futures for Children: Our parent company is Brighter Futures for Children Limited. In December 2018, Brighter Futures for Children Limited was established to deliver children’s social care, early help and education on behalf of Reading Borough Council.

Reading Borough Council: As a company both Brighter Futures for Children IFA and Brighter Futures for Children is independent of, but wholly owned by, Reading Borough Council. Our services were previously provided as Reading Borough Council’s fostering service.

This new company model means that we can provide the best opportunity to improve our fostering service and bring new focus to the issues faced by looked after children and young people in the borough.

Brighter Futures for Children IFA Statement of Purpose

Brighter Futures for Children IFA is independent, local and not-for-profit. Our main aim is to protect and enhance the lives of the children and young people in Reading.

Our values

We share the same values as our parent company, Brighter Futures for Children. In every aspect of our work, we will be:


We are transparent and open about how we work


We are not bound by convention


Every decision we make is in the best interest of the child


We are efficient, effective and responsible


We value equality and diversity


We are a prudent organisation, a good partner and we use limited resources wisely

Proud to be a fostering friendly employer

Brighter Futures for Children IFA is delighted to be a fostering friendly employer. Our flexible HR policies make working with us a friendly and supportive place for those who foster or would like to become a foster carer. It also benefits the children and young people in their care.

If you are a local business in Reading that would like to find out how you can be a fostering friendly employer, get in touch.

Our governance

Headshot on yellow background of Seamus Jennings

Deputy Service Manager and Responsible Individual

Seamus Jennings

Registered Manager

Steffi Roth


Brighter Futures for Children IFA has been judged ‘Requires Improvement to be Good’ by Ofsted, following our first inspection as an IFA since the company took over the fostering service in March 2019.

The judgement, which was the same in all three judgement areas, is an improvement on its previous judgement of ‘Inadequate’ as Reading Borough Council’s fostering service. We are pleased to have improved alongside Brighter Futures for Children, who also received a ‘Requires Improvement to be Good’ rating in September 2019. We will continuously strive towards improving our services and driving towards a ‘Good’ outcome.