Be #FosteringFriendly

We’re hosting our very own #FosteringFriendlyFebruary to continue the year with purpose!

Are you a local business? Or maybe a larger organisation? Follow in our fostering footsteps and get 2023 off to a great start – become a Fostering Friendly employer.

The scheme is free to join and run by The Fostering Network – UK’s leading fostering charity. It encourages businesses and organisations to support fostering and in particular, foster carers.

Members of the initiative agree to put in place a company-wide policy to get more people to think about fostering alongside their job. The policy sets out entitlements, offers flexible working arrangements, time off for training and more.

And we’re here to support and assist you in the process, with celebratory news releases and social media after your accreditation!

To discover more, for further guidance and instructions on how to join, click here.

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