Are you a business in Reading looking for ways to support your local community?

Community engagement represents a powerful tool through which you can actively support positive, long-term local impact. Our fostering team is able to come along to any business events or conferences to deliver talks and presentations, or provide a supervised pop-up stand, with information about fostering in Reading.

Even if it’s just to help us raise awareness

We need more local foster carers in Reading. Imagine if having us at your event led to someone becoming a foster carer with us, meaning a Reading child or young person in care could remain close to their home, their friends, their school and their family? That’s a big deal.

By actively involving and supporting your local fostering community, your business can contribute to the well-being of children and young people in Reading, while creating long-term authentic value for your own operations. Win-win! 

For inspiration on ways to support your local fostering community, visit The Fostering Network.

You could take it another step further by becoming a Fostering Friendly employer. Learn more here: Fostering Friendly

We are a not-for-profit independent fostering agency (IFA). In other words, we don’t make money out of children and young people going into care.