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We’re here everyday from 11-24 May, helping you to #PictureThis… a life as a foster family in Reading.

  • We’ve got brand new videos straight from the mouths of our foster carers, telling you what it’s like.
  • We’ve got an exciting new podcast series to share with you.
  • We’ve got stories! Not just from our foster carers, but our care leavers, siblings, young people and support workers.

We want you to see the whole picture. Now could be the time that you’re thinking of a new direction in life and maybe fostering is it. If you think you could make a difference to the life of a child in Reading, stay tuned over the next two weeks to learn more.

For now, have a look at our newly launched website to find out… what actually is fostering?

This is fostering.


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Our goal is to find more foster carers for our children and young people in Reading. How can you help? 

  • If you’d like to find out more about fostering and become a foster carer yourself, get in touch with us. Our friendly fostering team are at the other end of the line on 0118 469 3020. You can also enquire and you’ll get a call back.
  • If you’re not able to foster yourself but would like to help, you can help us spread the word.
    • Share our Foster Care Fortnight blog
    • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and share our posts
    • Tell someone if you think they’d be a great foster carer! This can be a family member, friend or colleague.
    • Invite someone to one of our information events.


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