Thank you to all the children and young people of the Foster Squad who sent in photos of their artwork that represented lockdown to them. We asked them to submit a piece of artwork that could represent their feelings and emotions during lockdown or be a physical representation of something to do with lockdown.

We’ve had some fantastic entries as you can see here. The judges were Steffi, Sally, Dijana and Annaliese who found deciding the winner an incredibly difficult decision. The entries captured some perspectives of lockdown that we can all resonate with.

5-10 age category

Winner: S

11-18 age category

Covid-19 for me, is a time to try a focus on the good things. For us this was welcoming Elvis.

SECOND PLACE: Covid-19 has given me space to breathe and slow down. For that, I am thankful. 

We loved this entry for the choice of a moody, contrasting black and white photo with subtle details like the face mask. His caption captures one of the more positive sides of the pandemic – the chance for us all to slow down.

During the lockdown this has been my bedroom, my office, my training room, my class room and more than anything a dream room, for an escape to normality soon.

WINNER: First signs of spring and near the end of lockdown. Going for walks everyday with my family has been one of the most enjoyable activities to look forward to. Nature at its best, it makes me feel calm.

This photo really captured for all of us, how much more we have been outside and experiencing nature alone and with friends and family when allowed. The lighting is beautiful and Spring representing new hope for the year.

We are really pleased to announce our winners.

  • 5-10 years first prize winner is… S.
  • 11-18 years first prize winner is… Mason.
  • 11-18 years second prize winner is… Ruby.

Every entrant will receive a chocolate bar. Congratulations to the first prize winners who also get a £15 gift card. And a huge well done to the second prize winners who receive a £10 gift card!