Our website – rated excellent!

We’re proud to be in the top five selected websites out of 26 local authorities and Independent Fostering Agencies following this quarter’s mystery shop.

Mystery shopping is a tool used by businesses, companies and organisations across all industries to measure customer experience, service quality and delivery.

Our latest review was carried out by foster carers from a wide range of backgrounds (with a mix of gender, single/couples, age and ethnicity) and levels of experience, from 20+ years of fostering to a brand new foster carer who has just been assessed.

Our website was found to be easy to navigate, with key information readily available. Different types of fostering is explained clearly and represented from both adult’s and children’s perspectives. Upcoming events are clear and making an enquiry is easy.

“I loved the look of this website. It was bright and engaging and generally easy to find the information that you needed. I really liked the stories from both carers and children and see how fostering was promoted in the area in the news section.”

It really is easy to enquire – click here!