Care Day, the world’s biggest celebration of children and young people with care experience, is happening on 19 February 2021.

In Reading, at Brighter Futures for Children, our children and young people strive to overcome the adversities of their early lives and work hard towards their goals. We are hugely proud of every single one of them, and their achievements, and want them to be proud of themselves too.

Here are some proud moments our foster carers have shared about the young people they look after:

‘We are immensely proud of the dedication shown by our young person in her attitude to learning and her desire to ‘close the gap’ created by her previous years of trauma.’

‘I am very proud of the young person I look after for her progress in engaging with her education via football school. This helps her to be more positive and happier in her everyday undertakings.’

‘She is very focused on her education… I am very happy for her achievements and willingness to pursue university (two universities have already offered her a place!)’

‘I have seen the child I look after become so much more confident in herself and begin to dream about her future. She has shown true resilience as well as growing empathy.’

‘I’m proud of the young person I look after because… he has responded well to good parenting and become more resilient and confident and able to share his thoughts.’

‘I’m so proud of the young person I look after when I see her skipping into school and enjoying wonderful friendships. To see her excel in sport and embrace new opportunities truly warms our hearts!’

There are many reasons why a child may need to come into care. Our foster carers provide a safe and caring home for these children. They provide a supportive environment where the young people can rebuild their confidence, understand their values and be given the opportunities to reach for their dreams.

Help us keep our young people rooted in Reading and reaching for their dreams. Become a foster carer.