Children and young people got together last week for half-term activities and to mark Care Day. Catie Blundell gives us a round-up of the week:

Children and young people delivered their Care2Listen training on Tuesday and had some great, positive feedback. One social worker wrote: “I would like to say THANK YOU to all the amazing young people for making me a better social worker because I have learnt a lot from each of them today.”

The young people also took part in an online art session with a local artist who led them through the drawings of artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. They were inspired by his work and produced their own wonderful master pieces (see picture above).

One of the young people in the Care2Listen group led a workshop on modelling and design. He taught the group all about the basics of design and delivered a very interesting PowerPoint presentation.

Our online chef, Cookie, showed the children and young people how to make a frying pan pizza. It was easy to follow for the age range of five to 17-years-old!

Friday was National Care Day celebrations and we had a lovely day taking part in fitness to celebrate our wellbeing We had a laugh playing games, did a quiz and then chatted over lunch. Our young people also shared some of their successes that they’re proud of.

In dance, I got onto bronze and I had to do two dances which I got a brilliant 80% for

My success this last year is that I got into college

I made it to the final round of my school’s bake-off

I got 101 trophies on my PlayStation

I got into a football team

I became a cadet

I learnt how to make a banana fritter

I managed to perform with my dance group and it was recorded but it was hard as we all had to do it on Zoom

I passed most of my exams

I beat people at dodgeball

I joined badminton and athletics teams and I did running

I settled into my new home

I learnt how to cook chicken risotto

I beat my brother at Mercedes World

I passed my first aid entry level with St John’s Ambulance

I have now got used to going to stay with respite carers

I went Christmas carol singing at ASDA

We also gave each other virtual high fives to celebrate these brilliant achievements!

Care Day written on the palm of a hand


If your young person would like to get involved in activities like the above and join the Children in Care Council, contact Catie.