To understand more about how our children, young people and care leavers have got on through these COVID months, Catie Blundell held a photo and caption competition titled ‘Being in care in 2020’. Here is the fantastic winning photo!

Photography competitioner winner's photo of her bearded dragon

Catie writes:

‘Children and young people sent in a variety of photos with a mixture of messages from finding life hard, confusing, sad, adventurous, a roller coaster of emotions, challenging, different, lonely, anxious, worried and frustration.

‘Many missed their friends and normal routine, some missed school, some didn’t like home schooling or online learning, some enjoyed being in and feeling safe, some achieved great things and learnt new things, some lost loved ones, some learnt how to adapt and develop independent skills, some struggled with their emotional wellbeing, some found ways to cope and completed walks to enjoy parts of Reading they hadn’t been to or to see views, some used the time to reflect on their lives and enjoyed just having more time.

‘The prize of a nearly new 36-inch flat screen TV was donated by Telly Juice (who volunteered their time to make our children in care council video in 2019) and the creatives from the company judged the winner, which was hard as all entries were of a high standard.

‘The winner, T, sent in a photo of her bearded dragon and recognising he became an important part of her life that helped her get through, as he was someone that needed her to be there.’

She was delighted to receive her TV! Well done to all who entered.