Well done to our care leavers and leaving care team who have scooped a runners-up prize in a national competition. They submitted a lockdown patchwork quilt they had created to the contest run by the National Care Leaving Bench Marking Forum and they came second in the country.

A patchwork quilt with descriptions

Here are some of the descriptions for each of the care leavers’ patches on the quilt.

‘We come in all shapes and sizes but COVID-19 affects all of us.’

‘This is my family, who I missed as I didn’t get to see them.’

‘I watched so much Netflix! It was a lifesaver.’

‘Everyday seemed like a mountain to climb.’

‘It’s hard for those in care.’

‘I watched all the Harry Potter films.’

‘The view outside my window when I couldn’t go outside.’

‘It seemed that day just rolled into night.’

‘I watched the birds on the lake.’

‘I had up and down days.’

‘I was grateful for the sun coming up everyday.’

‘Apollo take off!’

The quilt depicts life during lockdown, with each patch sewn by a care leaver or a member of the leaving care team summing up what lockdown was like for each of them. The team taught the care leavers to sew online and gave each one a sewing kit, kindly provided by Rising Sun arts centre. Congratulations to everyone involved for doing ‘sew’ well!